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Myrtles for your wedding

Myrtles have a long tradition behind them, as a wedding flower. It became popular in the early 1800s and was called "French flowers". They were a symbol of fertility and happiness, and have become inextricably linked to weddings.

When I look at my grandmother's wedding picture, I can see myrtle in her veil and it was one of the traditional ways to use them; Sewn on the veil, worn as a wreath or in the bridal bouquet.

Fresh flowers in the hair have always been popular and at the moment they are popular as never before.

Many choose flowers that have symbols such as love, happiness and fertility attached to them.

For example. Roses, myrtles and Babys Breath are often used and are so lovely.

Now I'm partial to using it for decorative purposes, so I would combine fresh flowers with my bridal headpieces or wedding veils without hesitation.

For example. the Desdemona Cap Veil would be incredibly adorable with myrtles sewn on. It has a discreet vintage look and the myrtles would bring both a long tradition into the look and give it a light and romantic feel.

Desdemona Cap Veil

What you might not know was that myrtlesr also was used for medicinal purposes. They have a well-documented antiseptic effect and leaves could also be burned to clear the air and ease breathing.

But now my favorite way of using them is purely decorative, so I think I´ll stay with that ;-)

In the 1800-1900 there was also tradition of using silver plated and gilded wreaths of myrtle for silver and gold wedding anniversaries. They were delicate and fine and can still be found across Europe, in antique markets and antique stores. These are extremely popular and are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Pictures of real antique tiaraes.

Pictures borrowed from pinterest.

I have long wanted to try to make them. After some experimentation, I have come up with 3 designs I now offer. They are on the website under news.

There are 3 diadems, but they could also be made on combs or as hairpins.

Write to me if you prefer gold :-)

Many of the designs you can find on the website, I would not think twice about combining with fresh flowers. Some of the designs I find most suitable can be seen here.

Remember that under "Bespoke Designs" on the website, you can read a little about how it works if you want to order a special design.

Would you like to have fresh flowers in your hair? Talk to your hairdresser about the best flowers, so you get someone who does not collapse during the day.

Hugs Susanne <3

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