Beautiful boho style lace bridal headpiece

available in ivory

The Kristina Bohemian Style Lace Headpiece

  • This Kristina Boho Bridal Comb is for all you wedding divas out there. A flavor of chic boho style for the free spirit in you but with a real touch of elegance. This whimsical Bridal Comb is a wonderful alternative to a traditional veil or headband. It is more loose in style and leaves the hair less confined. This style has been featured in many top wedding blogs and has appeared in many wedding magazines. This style looks both great with An elegant updo or with long, flowing textured hair which is so on trend right now and has been for a few seasons. The idea was born out by my love for embellishment and decorative forms but above all, because I just love a little whimsy. For this bridal comb a lace base was created with lush ivory lace which is decorated with different shapes of pearls. I love the soft shimmer of the pearls . This is the perfect accessory with a bohemian style dress, be it a wedding dress or a party dress for a special occasion. SIZE:Fits all Ready to ship in 2-3 weeks Photo credit:

All accessories handmade by Susanne Gadegaard , all images are property of Gadegaard Design


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