Gorgeous addition to your Gown. The softly Draped Cora Wedding Veil. This Art Deco Wedding Veil is made with a very soft and drapy polyester tulle. It´s much much more soft than tradition tulle and doesn´t wrinkle like the traditional Bridal Illusion Tulle sometimes do.

The Cora Draped Wedding Veil #155

  • The veil has a clean cut edge, which will let everyone see the beautifull details on your dress. The veil attaches with two small clips with stunning Art Deco Crystal embellisment on the side of the head. Length: 2 meters, which just lets it drape behind you when you walk. Colour: ivory Handmade in my studio in the Danish countryside, and is shipped with tracking, making sure you can follow it all the way to you Susanne Gadegaard Design photocredit: www.tinaliv.com model: Mira Obling MUA: Karina Staniok Thomsen