This is truely a Boho Bridal Crown, that will speak to the bohemian in you. The Andromeda Golden Headdress is a stunning piece,that can be styled in numerous ways. Wear it with a faux bob, to match the looks from the film, The Great Gatsby, or as a true bohemian, with free flowing locks, following the hairline, and tied in the back. Or even as a classic headband, tied under a gorgeous updo. Either way, you'll be sure to look stunning, with a piece from Gadegaard Desig, completely handmade, from the wired crystals, to the handmade flowers on the side.

It is one of my absolute favorite pieces, and can be varied in many ways. Are you thinking of having it adjusted to tie together with your gown or theme? Send me an email, and I will do what I can to personalize it, just for you

The Andromeda Golden Headdress

matal colour