Looking for the perfect accessory for your christmas look? Simple and stylish for the hair. The Mistletoe Hairpin will instantly add beauty and style to your look. 

Mistletoe Hairpin, set of 2 #307

  • Handmade from scratch, these will finish your look in seconds. Handpainted real leather finished with Swarovski pearls. They are easy to fit into any hairdo. There are many options with this hairpin. Please contact me for custom options. Shipping Within Europe usually arrives within a week, but there can be loca delays. Uograd to trackable shipping for a chance to follow it all the way to you photocredit: www.tinaliv.com Model: Stephanie Lundbye MUA: Karina Staniok Thomsen

All accessories handmade by Susanne Gadegaard , all images are property of Gadegaard Design


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