Looking for the perfect accessory for your christmas look? Simple and sweet for the hair. The Mistletoe Hairpcomb will instantly add beauty and style to your look. 

Mistletoe Hairpin #308

  • Handmade from scratch, these will finish your look in seconds. Pearlescent faux leather finished with 100% genuine freshwater pearls. It´s easy to fit into any hairdo. You´ll have loads of options with this delicate haircomb. Please contact me for custom options. Shipping Within Europe usually arrives within a week, but there can be loca delays. Uograd to trackable shipping for a chance to follow it all the way to you photocredit: www.tinaliv.com Model: Stephanie Lundbye MUA: Karina Staniok Thomsen

All accessories handmade by Susanne Gadegaard , all images are property of Gadegaard Design


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