The Lucinda Lace bridal headpeice is a stunning alternative to a veil. Beautiful ivory lace, filled with pearl and crystal details. Handsewn in my studio in the Danish countryside

available in ivory

Lucinda Lace bridal headpiece

  • This is a gorgeous Lace Bridal Headpiece. inspired by original 1920s Bridal Headpieces, interpreted as Lady Lucinda here. So stunning and right on current trends, Flapper Style meets Boho Bride. Lovely ivory lace is decorated with numerous cream pearls. Inspired by bridal caps of the Roaring 20'ies, it offers subtle sparkle and an air of times gone by. Handmade in Denmark. It is meant to be attached in the hair with bobbypins, for a close fitting and seamless look. If you would like it on a comb, headband or ribbon, that is also a possibility.

All accessories handmade by Susanne Gadegaard , all images are property of Gadegaard Design


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