Get the romantic look with this Tiara. Golden Crystal and Pearl Tiara for a perfect wedding look. It would be so lovely for a Christmas or Winter Wonderland themed wedding. The gold gives this look a slightly warmer feel, than the silver. So if you're all about warm and cosy, this is the choice for you

Eleanor Gold Tiara #305

  • It is easy to slide into the hair, on a comb, and the sides can be gently moulded to fit to the shape of your head. Just pop it it and you'll get the perfect regal look. Fit for a queen! Can also be made with crystals in silver setting. Made with high quality clear cut crystals in gold setting, wired together by hand to form this intricate design. Ships with trackable shipping, so you can follow it all the way to you Photocredit : Model: Stephanie MUA: Karina Staniok Thomsen

All accessories handmade by Susanne Gadegaard , all images are property of Gadegaard Design


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