This is a listing for a fantastic Handmade Drop Bouquet. It is approx 20 cm wide and 30 cm long and absolutely gorgeous. The Bridal Brooch Bouquet flowers are soft frilly chiffon flowers. Inside each flower you can spot a lace floral design and a crystal. To this is added handmade clay callas and crystal brooches for a bit of sparkle. 

custom colours available, please contact me for further details

brooch bouquet dropshape

  • The crystal embellishments are different from one bouquet to the next, but will be about the same size and colour each time. That means that you will have a unique bouquet, when you order yours. The underside is finished with ivory fabric as well and decorated with lace. The handle is 20cm long in the pictures, but if you think that 15cm is better suitet for you, just let me know:-) Because it is handmade to order, i do not accepts returns. So please choose carefully before purchasing. The production time will be 6-8 weeks, so remember to take that into consideration when purchase. Ships with trackable shipping, so you can follow it all the way to you.