Gorgeous very classic royal inspired crown or tiara. With a nod to the Victorian era, this is the perfect addition to your bridal gown. 


Works with almost any type of gown and will add elegance and grace to your look.

I love it as styled in the pictures, with a tidy classic hairstyle. But try it with loose braids or flowing locks, and it transforms into an almost fairylike crown.

Can be ordered with silver or gold base. 


Your wedding - your style!


Remember to order 4-8 weeks befor the wedding, to make sure you´ll receive it in time for the big day.


My new collection for 2018 is

inspired by the strong personality and the utterly beautiful character Vivien Leigh portrays so brilliantly in Gone With The Wind. 

The ability to overcome great obstacles and emerge stronger and wiser on the other side, 

I give you "The Scarlet Crown"  2018 Collection!


All product are made to order and are as such, a custom headpiece.


Photocredit: www.tinaliv.com

Model: Mira Obling

MUA: Beautystudie

Ashby Classic pearl tiara GD180124

matal colour