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Welcome to Gadegaard Design

My Story

Our Vision

Following my own wedding in 2009, I slowly started to make bridal hair accessories.

I started to make what seemed to be unavailable at the time. As I got better and more confident, I found my love for lace, pearls and sparkle, and completely fell in love with making special headpieces for weddings. In sep 2011 I started my shop on etsy and today I still love it as much as ever.


Gadegaard Design offers a stunning range of couture bridal headpieces, wedding veils, bridal sashes and handmade bridal garters


Hi and welcome to Gadegaard Design

My name is Susanne Gadegaard and I live in central Denmark with my husband and son. We live in the countryside, so I always have access to Mother Nature, right outside my door. I love the ever changing seasons and adore the natural colours of nature.


I am completely selftaught, and I have really learned what it means to be driven by creativity. Elizabeth Gilbert recently said “Creativity is a crushing chore and a glorious mystery. The work wants to be made, and it wants to made through you”. I really understand this on a deeper level, because I can feel in my core, if a piece is missing something. A piece need to be fulfilled, in order to feel content.


And this, more than anything, has shown me that this is what i´m supposed to do. I use the internet a lot, join communities if I need to learn a new skill. I will buy books and materials to learn, and don´t just accept “I can´t do this” if I haven´t tried.


I sometimes still wish I had taken a classical design education, but I also think, in some way benefit from not having it. I believe everything happens for a reason, and perhaps a proper education, would have seen me trying something different, and failing spectacularly. So I guess, I feel I´m in the right spot☺


I come from an extremely creative family. My mom and dad both paint and run their own online gallery. My brother is creating beautiful unique furniture. And I have had 2, rather small, exhibitions of my own paintings. So i guess you can say creativity runs in the family


For each collection, there is a lot of sketching, searching for materials and a lot of trials. I seldom have word for what I am creating when i start a new collection.

It´s more a feeling. And once the collection comes together, then there is time for reflection and for putting a name to that feeling.


i hope you find just the right accessory, to match your look here. And please don´t hesitate to reach out, if you have questions, ideas or feedback

All the best, Susanne



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